Université Laval looking to rid itself of bottled water

Université Laval looking to rid itself of bottled water

Quebec City (Quebec) 6 January 2015 – The different student associations at Laval University have been trying for several years now to get the University to eliminate the sale and distribution of those well known bottled water containers that we see everywhere.

The “greens” of the University known as Univert Laval, have been trying since 2010 to get rid of all the bottled water dispensers and to convince the cafeteria to stop selling the product. Their arguments are simple; pollution, quality of the water and the over-consumption.

In the past few years the University’s management have moved all the dispensing machines next to the coolers, in an attempt to convince the students to drink the water from the coolers rather than buy a bottle of water which they may not finish drinking and leave sitting around on a table or classroom floor.

Univert Laval appreciates the gesture but, says it is far from enough and although psychologically intimidating, there are still too many people opting for the bottle rather than the one shot cooler offering.

This year may be a positive step in eliminating the bottles as there are now 14 faculty heads who agree with the project and who appear to be on board to end the bottled water craze that has taken the University and the world by storm.

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