Université Laval maintenance workers sign deal

Université Laval maintenance workers sign deal

The approximately 1800 maintenance workers at Quebec City’s largest university have finally signed a new collective agreement with their employer.  The negotiations have been going on for 3 years, but the new contract was signed and agreed upon on April 8 with 92% of the employees being on board with the new agreement.

There was talk of a lockout at one point which could have delayed part of the 2014 session and there was also talk of a strike somewhere down the line.

The main concern was for the employee pension plan which has been taking a beating in the last few years because of lower interest rates and poor investments. The new deal sees employees and the University contributing more to the retirement fund and a better management of the money when times get tough. There was also a salary increase comparable to that of most government employees with a family-clause allowing those who need some special time with family members to take the time needed if deemed necessary by the two parties involved.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is happy with the deal and the Syndicats des Employés et Employées de L’Université Laval (SEUL) feels it is a solid gain for them and all public employees in general.

All changes take effect starting the first of January 2014, which will involve some retroactive payments being handed out to the workers and some new investment strategies set up by the unions.

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