Université Laval women condemn frosh ‘rape culture’

Université Laval women condemn frosh ‘rape culture’

Main pic: English: Flag of Laval University, Quebec City. Français : Drapeau de l’Université Laval, Québec. Photo credit: Cephas.

Quebec City (Quebec) 9 September 2015 – The Comité Femmes de l’Université Laval (University Laval Women’s Association) is denouncing the frosh and pre-session parties and activities that take place every year at the University as being pro-sexual, degrading and harassing.

The Comité, which published an open letter on the University website, Impact Campus suggests that the frosh activities at the university, as well as across Canada, incite unwanted sexual and flirtation practices which could be interpreted as harassment and or a sort of on campus ‘Rape Culture.’

Last year a song was written by some frosh week organizers suggesting sex was part of the initiation process and that like it or not everyone should get involved and loosen-up to prepare for their first year at university. The song was a required chant for all newcomers to learn by heart and was predominantly male oriented. The song made headlines in the city and was rapidly revoked by the university administration.

The Comité compares Université Laval to other higher education facilities in the country by citing a frightening statistic that 700 cases of Canadian university sexual aggression cases were reported from 2009 to 2013. The number may be higher as statistically only about 10% of sexual attacks and rapes are reported.

The Comité hopes the frosh week will run smoothly but, wants people to be aware of comments and jokes that can go too far leading to drastic consequences if mishandled.

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