University Laval has $1 million in unpaid tuition fees

University Laval has $1 million in unpaid tuition fees

Quebec City (Quebec) September 11, 2014 – Université Laval has a tuition debt four times higher this year than the preceding year but, the reasons why are unclear.

Last year the student revenue debt was around $156,000 but this year it is up to a total of $960,000 as of April 30.

Based on the access to information law more details cannot be revealed but, there is a significant problem with students being able to pay the new fees and a problem with their lines of credit for the start of the new year.

For 51% of those who can’t pay up, their debt is between $1,000 and $5,000. A further 32% have debts of $12,000 to $15, 000.

Those who have the higher amounts are more likely to be foreign or out of town students who are studying at Laval from other countries and whose tuition and living costs are far higher than the locals.

Tuition fees were increased in 2012 for all universities in Quebec and the tax credit at the end of the year was also reduced. This makes harder for students who don’t have grants, bursaries, or scholarships to pay off their personal loans.

Any student who cannot make the payments for their first semester will not have the right to register for their second semester and is denied a diploma.

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