UPAC chief asking for permanent, independent anti-corruption force

UPAC chief asking for permanent, independent anti-corruption force

Main pic: The Quebec government’s Unity permanente anti-corruption (UPAC) Commissioner Robert Lafrenière testifies at a legislature committee, Monday Nov. 2, 2015, at the Quebec Legislature in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Clement Allard

QUEBEC — The head of Quebec’s permanent anti-corruption squad is asking for the unit to be turned into an independent police force.

Robert Lafrenière told a legislative committee today in Quebec City that his five-year mandate should also be renewed.

He says the anti-corruption squad should be separate from all other police forces in the province and have full jurisdiction over its investigations.

The anti-corruption unit was formed in 2011 after a series of high-level corruption and fraud allegations surfaced in the province involving municipal and provincial politicians, the construction sector and organized crime.

The unit has made about 150 arrests since 2011 including the ex-mayors of Montreal and neighbouring Laval.

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