Update: Musée de la Civilisation Fire

Update: Musée de la Civilisation Fire

Musée de la Civilisation – Quebec City . Photo credit: Claude Gagnon

Quebec City (Quebec) September 16, 2014 – After the fire that erupted in the Musée de la Civilisation Monday afternoon, there was concern whether or not some of the exhibits may have been damaged.

The fire department managed to extinguish the fire within less than 3 hours and contained the flames to the roof and one room of the structure consequently keeping damage to the building to a minimum.

The exhibit which was in the adjacent room (a First Nations permanent display) has apparently been spared from any major harm and except for some smoke and water residue will be reinstated at a later date.

Staff at the Musée raced to the scene to cover and protect as much of the exhibit as possible, which is why the damage to the artifacts is minimal.

Firefighters also reacted quickly and professionally.

The floors and walls of the immediate area on the other hand are a write-off and will have to be repaired.

Since the fire was in the roof, the museum will be able to reopen on Thursday of this week minus the “It’s our History” exhibit containing the damaged artifacts from the First Nations display.

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