Updates on Le Capitole and Théatre le Diamant

Updates on Le Capitole and Théatre le Diamant

Quebec City (Quebec) 5 March 2015 – Since 2011, the future of the old YMCA building in Place d’Youville, which was purchased by Robert Lepage’s company Ex Machina, has been under debate as to whether it will become a new theater called Théatre le Diamant or be turned into something else. In the meantime, Le Capitole theater, just beside it, has decided to close two restaurants and a small cabaret which share the same building.

Le Capitole directors are blaming the provincial government for not making a final decision on the matter. In 2012 the provincial Liberal government allocated $30 million to renovate the old building in favour of M. Lepage’s company. The Parti Québécois government in the interim, turned the money around for something else, leaving the future of the project undetermined.

With the new leases coming up for the rental of the space, Le Capitole has simply decided to not renew its options on the floorspace because of the uncertainty of Le Diamant. According to Jean Pilote, the manager of Le Capitole, the decision to close the restaurants, Il Teatro and Chez l’Autre, was not a financial one but simply a precautionary move to alleviate any lease renewal or lease buyouts that may come up in the new year.

In a press conference yesterday, the Québec Minister of Culture, Mme Hélène David, said they were going to review the matter and hopefully get things rolling as to what should be done with the building. The money however, since spent elsewhere, has to be found to fund the project.

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