Urban Building Certificates Awarded

Urban Building Certificates Awarded

Forty teenagers from les Rivières, la Haute-Saint-Charles, the Cité-Limoilou, Beauport, and Charlesbourg received a certificate recognizing their participation in Urban Building 2012.

During a ceremony at City Hall in Quebec, graduates shared what they learned during the summer.

This experience gave the students confidence. Before, they did not know if they should go back to school or chance their arm in the job market.

A 17-year old from Val-Bélair has now found his way. He has completed his high school mathematics, graduated, and entered the job market.

With his group, Joey Bureau-Berrouard helped renew the footpath at Mount Bélair, worked at Jardins Saint-Ambroise, and built a bridge in les Marais du Nord.

In the last ten years, nearly 400 young adults have participated in the Urban Building rehabilitation program as did Joey Bureau-Berrouard.

In 2002, in the first edition, the pilot project was held in the O’Neill House at les Rivières.

It gave him life experience and motivation. He will go back to school to complete a Program (DEC) in construction. He discovered a passion for carpentry and cabinet-making. Six to eight months of paid work in Chantiers Urbains allowed some young people to start thinking. They are also supervised by experts, trainers, or technicians.

In total, four days are devoted to manual work and a day of civic education. An amount of $107,773 was invested to complete the projects.
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