Used English Bookstore to Open in Quebec City

Used English Bookstore to Open in Quebec City

LBA_Logo_Tagline_SmallThe good news for all you bibliophiles out there is that, as of February 6th, used English books will be more widely available in the Quebec City area.

This is thanks to AngloStore and their brand ‘La Bouquinerie Anglaise’.

AngloStore, has been selling brand new English books in the Capitale nationale region since February 2010, online at first, and since January 2011, via a storefront at Place Naviles.

La Bouquinerie Anglaise started off in the same fashion and has been successfully selling used English books, via their website, since early summer 2012.

It has gone so well that a storefront is needed.

So this is where the tie-in with AngloStore comes in.

From Wed 6th February, via the brand, La Bouquinerie Anglaise, used English books will now be available in AngloStore at Place Naviles.

The front of the store is being transformed.

There are two rooms in the store, and one whole room is being given over to La Bouquinerie Anglaise to create a used English bookstore.

Thousands of used, pre-loved, second-hand English books are being lovingly arranged on the shelves.

Rest assured that new English books will still be available in AngloStore, and the same great service to which you have become accustomed will not change.

We’ll now be offering you that little bit extra.

So, we’d love to see you in AngloStore / La Bouquinerie Anglaise from 7pm, Wednesday 6th February, 2013.

Thousands of used English books, across all genres, are now available at excellent prices.

30% off the price of new English books during the evening as well.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Please spread the word.

AngloStore and La Bouquinerie Anglaise for new and used English books in Quebec City – all under one roof.
What a great partnership.


Once you get to Place Naviles, you’ll see an SAQ, TD Bank and Second Cup.
We’re in the basement.
Come down the stairs and AngloStore will be in front of you.
The used books will be in the La Bouquinerie Anglaise section in there.

AngloStore / La Bouquinerie Anglaise
Place Naviles
3400, chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois
Québec (Québec) G1W 2L3
Tel: (418) 204-4325

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