Valcartier sending 217 soldiers to Poland

Valcartier sending 217 soldiers to Poland

Valcartier (Quebec) 3 July 2015 – Between today and the fifteenth of July, 217 military personnel from Canadian Forces Base Valcartier will be leaving on a mission for NATO to train and help the Polish army protect its territory from any threats that may occur from Russia’s president Putin. The first 81 soldiers left this Thursday after saying goodbye to their friends and family.

According to Security Minister Blaney, who was on hand for the departure, the mission should be a peaceful one unlike the previous postings in Afghanistan, as it is a support mission involving a military presence and a show of force from United States, Britain, Portugal and the Polish army itself.

The threat comes from the recent takeover of Crimea by Russia and the continuing presence of Russian troops in Ukraine.

The Valcartier soldiers will be relieving the personnel already in place from the Petawawa Base in Ontario and will be there for a six month stay. It is clear that the soldiers leaving this week will be celebrating Christmas away from their families as they are not expected to return until the end of December or early January.

The recent presence of Russian troops in Ukraine has prompted the West to react cautiously but surely to any foul play that may occur in Eastern Europe. The idea for NATO is to simply send a strong message to Mr. Putin that the West will not tolerate any attempted invasion from his country into any other countries.

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