Valcartier soldiers wondering if they’ll be called up to fight ISIS

Valcartier soldiers wondering if they’ll be called up to fight ISIS

Main pic: Bus in Toronto – with enlistment banner. Photo credit: Satusuro

Valcartier (Quebec) 30 March 2015 – With the recent news that Canada is going to expand their mission in the on-going battle against the ISIS death cult, there is a real possibility that ground troops may be called in to aid the already present airstrike crews who are currently on duty and in action on the front lines.

The base in Valcartier, being a ground force facility, is so far off the list for involvement in the Middle East conflict because Canada’s involvement is restricted to air strikes only. Before any ground mission is implemented there is still the base in Bagotville that has not been called upon to participate in the air-strikes program as of yet. They will most likely be the next military installation to be contacted by National Defence to send in more CF-18 fighters as the air strikes increase.

As to whether or not Valcartier’s soldiers will be getting involved is up in the air. For the moment, the military personnel at Valcartier are preparing to leave on a practice mission in Alberta which will last from July 1st 2015 to June 30 2016, so it doesn’t appear as if any of its ground troops will be deployed anywhere else for at least the next year.

The exercise in Wainwright, Alberta will include 3,000 soldiers from Valcartier as well as others from different Military bases across Canada.

Canada has 10 different army personnel bases across the country.

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