Valentine’s Day Doubleheader at Bishopthorpe

Valentine’s Day Doubleheader at Bishopthorpe

“Have a Heart” Chocolate Benefit for Suicide Prevention & Book Launch for Rosemary Bachelor’s Work on Sarah Palin.

A “Have a Heart” chocolate benefit and a book launch have been scheduled for Valentine’s Day at Bishopthorpe.

This Feb. 14 double-header will take place from 3 to 7 p.m.

Bishopthorpe, home of the Anglican bishop, is located next to The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

The benefit is for the Council of the North’s Suicide Prevention Program, which is coordinated at the national level by Cynthia Patterson, wife of Bishop Dennis Drainville. It is an outreach of The Anglican Church of Canada.

The book launch is for Rosemary Bachelor’s book, Sarah Palin’s Piece of the American Pie, which went on sale this week. She is a parishioner of the Anglican Parish of Quebec.


Admission to the benefit is $10.00. For that, a person can have all the chocolate they can eat. Yes, cookies, candies, brownies, squares, pies, cakes and chocolate in many forms. It’s a chocoholic’s dream! Bring friends, neighbors and co-workers. If any chocolate goodies are left, they will be auctioned off at 6:45 p.m. Come at tea time, after work, or following the evening meal.


“Suicide has become one of the greatest spiritual battles of our time…It is almost impossible to overstate the urgency and importance of this issue for Indigenous Peoples,” states Anglican National Indigenous Bishop, Mark Macdonald.

The suicide rate among our indigenous peoples is many times higher than the national average. Within the Inuit population it is 11 times the average; 80% of the suicides are committed by people between ages 15 and 30. A suicide’s impact on a small, isolated community is devastating.

“Over 10 Canadians die each day from suicide. Yet, along with Russia, Canada is the only G8 country not to have a national suicide prevention strategy,” reports Patterson, noting that “there is so much to do – more education, more advocacy, more training in awareness and prevention, and implementing more crisis intervention strategies.”

For more information about the Suicide Prevention Project contact Cynthia Patterson at


Bachelor, a prize-winning American journalist who lives in Florida, has also lived in Quebec during the past 20 years. Her previous books have been on genealogical and historical events. She was a newspaper feature writer and editor in New Jersey, then for many years operated a small publishing company in Maine.

As a freelance writer, she has published more than 500 articles both in various publications and online. Several of them are about Quebec and its history. Her article on General James Murray, Quebec’s First British Governor, recently appeared in the New Brunswick Scottish Journal.

Bachelor’s latest book is an analysis of Sarah Palin, who burst onto the American political scene in 2008 and continues to have an unprecedented impact on politics and political opinion in the United States. The book examines Palin’s patriotism, her fundamentalist religious beliefs, her stance on freedom of religion, and her leadership abilities. It discusses Palin’s role in the foreplay to the 2012 U. S. presidential election and questions why she has not distanced herself from members of extremist groups and radical white supremacist organizations.

Editorial reviewers have called the book “a pitch-perfect political exposé” and noted that “Bachelor highlights the contradictions between the Palin the public thinks it knows, and the Palin they should get to know.”

Rosemary’s blog and related material are at


The public is invited to “Have a Heart” and join the effort to prevent suicide among our indigenous peoples. Patterson and members of her team identify needs and find resources to match them. One of those needs is financing both the location and provision of those resources

Cynthia Patterson and Rosemary Bachelor join in saying “What can be closer to our hearts on Valentine’s Day than love of each other and love of life?”

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