Vanity plates for Quebec

Vanity plates for Quebec

Yes, people, you’ll soon be able to pimp your ride…

The Quebec Auto-Insurance Board (SAAQ) has finally given the green light to those Quebecers who would like to decorate their vehicle with a personalized licence plate. The option is already available in all 50 States in the US and in 8 provinces in Canada.

Certain criteria however will have to be respected as to what exactly can be displayed on the plates. Anything of a sexual, vulgar, racist, or violent nature, or one that can be interpreted as such, will not be accepted by the Board. This could be tricky as some things in French can be offensive for Anglophones and vice versa for French speakers.

We may see some surprises, but that is only hearsay for the moment. Apparently anything political will be permitted, but one may want to be careful showing their allegiance in a province where politics is a national sport.

The special plates will cost from $100 to $250 and will be limited to seven figures either letters or numbers or a combination of both.

Tenders are being prepared by the SAAQ as the plates will be made by a private company, and the cost of manufacture will be a determining factor affecting the price to the consumer. The SAAQ expects approximately 80,000 demands for the “plaques” and is thinking they may even turn a profit if the price versus cost is in line. They also predict that some companies will order these plates for their floats of vehicles.

The new licences should be available starting September 2015.

7 figures in either letters or numbers – anyone fancy applying for 1PHOQUE?

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