Vasectomies popular in Quebec

Vasectomies popular in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 10 November 2014 – Quebec and Canada as a whole, have bragging rights when it comes to the number of men who opt for a vasectomy as the solution to birth control.

We always hear about women taking the pill or using other options to prevent pregnancies but, in Canada and especially in Quebec, the vasectomy has become so popular that it has become the top country in the world for such an operation.

Even Britain and New Zealand, where it is also prevalent, come second and third in the world.

On average, there are approximately 13,000 vasectomies performed every year in the province indicating that in Quebec the male population considers themselves responsible enough to contribute to the birth control movement and sharing family planning with their female counterparts.

The operation only takes about five minutes and normally within a week, one can return to his usual sexual activities. The operation is usually performed on several men on the same day, making it easier for doctors and patients at the same time having the laboratory already set up for the occasion.

In India the vasectomy is encouraged by offering gifts or special privileges to the male population as an incentive. A man can be given the right to carry a gun, get cash or even a car if he agrees to have the operation.

In France a vasectomy is regarded as a mutilation and is not very popular.

In the US the number of vasectomies goes up when the economy goes down.

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