Verdun families took advantage of the cold and built a rink!

Verdun families took advantage of the cold and built a rink!


Families in Verdun took their summer statement seriously: they said that if enough snow came, they would build a rink. The neighbourhood kids love it!

Front-Yard Hockey Rink for Verdun Families 

Verdun families have been making the most of the cold snap with a hockey rink in their front yard, with parents and children in the neighbourhood hitting the ice every day.

Verdun is Making the Most of the Bitter Cold

Just a few short steps from their front door are four youngsters decked out in the jerseys of the Montreal Canadiens, taking shots at the net as it starts feeling like -35C on the tiny little rink.

While the extreme cold has kept most Quebecers indoors over these holidays, with their parents no doubt enjoying the fun of River Belle casino, families in this city decided on a different tack.

The Osborne Street Parents Got Their Wish 

Stéphane St-Louis says that a group of parents living on Osborne Street came up with the idea of building a hockey rink during the summer, stating that they had wished for lots of snow, and, when the weather came through, they decided they should too.

It took three months of teamwork and hard labour to build the small rink that is located between two iron staircases, and the finishing touches were made last week. The boards are made up of packed snow, and the ice has been divided in half by a deep red line. The rink is filled with both kids and parents from the neighbourhood every day, states St-Louis, adding that there are simply no words to describe it.

The Hard Work Paid Off

St-Louis carried on, saying that the children had gathered round to watch the adults putting the hard work in, and didn’t quite believe that an ice-rink was being built from scratch, but there it was, now, and they were playing on it as often as they could. 

The Recent Deep Freeze Has Shortened Play Time

 The deep freeze that Verdun families have been suffering through of late has seen the youngsters having to head inside on a pretty regular basis in order to warm up properly, but they are right back out on the ice as soon as they can be.

Jacob Emard, one of the neighbourhood kids with dreams of playing for international leagues like the NHL, calls the rink very cool, and added that playing with all the other children on it has been great fun.

Although the cold snap is expected to start easing up quite soon, the families intend to water the ice each night so as to ensure that the hockey games can continue for as long as possible, and have said that they hope to keep it up and running until winter comes to an end.

Montrealers have in fact survived one of the coldest streaks on record! Statistics are backing up those who felt that the cold snap that had the province in its grip was unprecedented. From the 27th of December 2017 to the 1st of January 2018, the top temperature in Montreal did not get up above -17℃. This six-day period is the longest cold streak on record, based on data that extends back for 146 years.

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