Vicious pit bull attack in St Sauver area

Vicious pit bull attack in St Sauver area

Quebec City (Quebec) 12 December 2014 – A vicious dogfight took place earlier this week between two pit bulls which ended up with a lad of 15 years old being sent to hospital suffering from a severe bite to his hand from one of the dogs.

It all took place in an apartment building in the St. Sauver section of Quebec City where one of the owners went to visit a friend who also has a pit bull breed of dog.

When police arrived the two dogs were sent to the local SPCA where they will be examined and watched for a few days, to see if either of the animals has any disease or special aggressive tendencies which may cause the SPA to keep one or both of the dogs.

The boy was treated for the usual dog bite characteristics and then released to return home.

The manager of the Quebec City SPCA, Denis Pelletier, would like to point out however that it is not necessarily the pit bull breed that causes the most problems when it comes to biting people. He says that pit bulls are not known to be a dangerous breed as compared to some smaller dogs.

Most bites come from smaller sized dogs, and although pit bulls are strong with powerful jaws, they will not normally attack unless told to by their owners according to M. Pelletier.

He also mentioned that it is a very popular breed these days making their presence perhaps more obvious than some other breeds.

The other case this week was two dogs fighting between each other when one of the residents tried to stop them from fighting causing him to become unconsciously entangled between the two animals.

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