Victim of strip search at Quebec school suing school board and directors

Victim of strip search at Quebec school suing school board and directors

Quebec City (Quebec) 16 April 2015 – After an intense investigation into the events which made headlines across Canada in February of this year, concerning a young girl of 15 who was stripped naked and had her clothes searched by members of a local high school, the family of the girl has decided to sue the Commission Scolaire de la Capitale and the Ecole secondaire de Neufchâtel for $380,000.

Their lawyer Me Francois-David Bernier, is suing under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, stating that the girl was a victim of article 8 of the Charter which states that citizens cannot be frisked abusively against their will.

So far, the three individuals involved in the search of the girl and her clothes at the school are not willing to testify in court, which could hamper both the defence and the prosecution.

The school board claims the search was perfectly legal and was carried out in a secure and respectful fashion with an opaque screen between the girl and those who were searching through her clothes. They also claim that only the girls clothes were investigated and not the girl herself and that no “pat-down” search took place. The school board so far has made no apologies for the incident which Me. Bernier finds unacceptable. Nor was any of the procedure documented, which is going to make the case more of a “your word against my word” kind of debate.

The file has been deposed on the desk of the Minister of Education M. Francois Blais.

The name of the girl involved in the case is being withheld because of her age.

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