VIDEO: Canadian Federal Election 2015 – Week 4 with Colin Standish

VIDEO: Canadian Federal Election 2015 – Week 4 with Colin Standish

Here’s our coverage of week four of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election campaign.

Life in Québec Magazine editor Michael Bourguignon talks to Colin Standish, a former Liberal Party prospective candidate for the Compton-Stanstead riding in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

In this fourth week of the campaign we discuss the Liberal party’s electoral signs – they’re drawing a lot of comments.
Is the ‘mean and moody film star’ look intentional? Is that part of the strategy to stand out from the others?

We also look at volunteers and how to get them involved, the budget, and more.

The NDP and the Liberals now have an issue on which the two parties differ significantly. The NDP has promised a balanced budget in its first year of government, while the Liberal party has instead announced that they intend to run budget deficits for the next three years in order to invest in infrastructure. The Conservatives, meanwhile, continue to claim the position of the “safe”, fiscally responsible party, despite also running deficits.

Further coverage of the 42nd Canadian Federal Election by Life in Quebec.

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