VIDEO: Canadian Federal Election 2015 – Week 7 with Colin Standish

VIDEO: Canadian Federal Election 2015 – Week 7 with Colin Standish

Here’s our coverage of week six of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election campaign.

Life in Québec Magazine editor Michael Bourguignon talks to Colin Standish, a former Liberal Party prospective candidate for the Compton-Stanstead riding in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

In this seventh week of the campaign we discuss the Globe and Mail leadership debate on economics.

1. It’s interesting to note how none of the leaders even mentioned the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive trade deal between many Pacific-coast countries currently being negotiated by representatives from those countries. Why do you think that’s the case?

2. Many viewers and commentators noted that Stephen Harper’s stance in the debate was more lean-back than Mulcair and Trudeau. Mulcair and Trudeau certainly seemed more combative. How do you think the rigour of the debate, and the debaters themselves, speak to the leaders’ positions on the economy?

3. The Syrian refugee situation made its way into the debate on economics, brought in by Trudeau. Are refugees an economic matter too?

4. The difference between the three parties, when it comes to corporate tax rate, is almost laughably minimal. The Conservatives want to keep the corporate tax rate at 15%, the Liberals want it to be 16%, and the New Democrats would rather set it at 17%. Is this a significant difference, or are the parties just splitting hairs?

We’re 7 weeks in to the 11-week campaign marathon. Nearly there, folks.

Further coverage of the 42nd Canadian Federal Election by Life in Quebec.

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