Videotron Centre: Opening festivities at $ 1.8M

Videotron Centre: Opening festivities at $ 1.8M

Quebec City (Quebec) 1 August 2015 – The cost of the Videotron Centre opening festivities have raised from $ 1.3M to $ 1.8M, but the mayor of Québec ensures it costs less to the city since the private sector contributed $ 700 000.

“We had the city search in recent weeks, and 40% of the opening budget will be paid by the private sector. It will cost us less than what we had expected,” said a delighted Régis Labeaume. Private partners, such as Cominar, Maurice Group, SNC Lavalin, and Laurier Québec have embarked on the project financially.

The events surrounding the opening of the Centre Videotron will begin with tours of it, which will be held from 3 to 7 September. To “avoid chaos,” the curious who wish to attend must get tickets, available for free on 17 August.

“People will have to buy tickets to different time slots, to ensure that there is no stampede. We can go 4000 people by time slot,” said the mayor of Québec that came out of his holiday on Thursday to give details of the festivities.

The visits will be in an unusual order, added the mayor. “Normally, VIPs are the first, but they will be the last,” he said. Workers and their families will have the honor of being the first, followed by the population and ultimately VIPs.

In making the announcement, Mayor Labeaume and Rémy Normand, President of Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) have the unveiling of a bus in the colors of the festivities.

These buses are the first in a series of advertising platforms surrounding the event, said the mayor.

M. Normand said that shuttles will also be commissioned from large parking lots in various sectors, to transport visitors to the amphitheater for planned visits of 3 to 7 September.

Regular public transport services will also be enhanced as necessary.

Last July 17, Quebecor announced the cancellation of its opening show, scheduled for September 11th. It was put forward by Québec artists, a wish cherished the mayor. When asked about this, he preferred not to comment. “Talk to Quebecor, it’s them. The important thing is that I have my $ 4 per ticket, we got a check for $ 33M and we hope to have another one of $ 30.5M. The rest is them who manage that,” he said simply.

According to Quebecor, the event had to be removed from the program because of scheduling conflicts with the amphitheater of business activities and preparations for the Remparts installation.

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