Virtual love, Real nightmare from Morocco to Lévis

Virtual love, Real nightmare from Morocco to Lévis

A love story born on the Internet between a man from Lévis and a Moroccan woman quickly turned into a nightmare, to the point where the young woman had to use the delivery of her child as a way to flee her husband.

Mario Despont, 47, and Fadila (pseudonym), 30, first met in 2010 through a web site.

In May 2011, Despont goes to Morocco in order to be with his love. Their wedding would be celebrated less than two months later.

According to the plaintiff, the groom, kind and considerate, presents himself as a businessman specialized in doors and windows.

Mario Despont wants to imigrate to Morocco. He then makes the plans to return to Canada with his young wife.
The country (Canada) is opposed to providing a visa for Fadila, for many months fearing that the marriage is a ploy to facilitate immigration.

In March 2014, Fadila gave birth to their first child, who unfortunately died from respiratory problems a few hours after birth.

The couple finally arrived in Canada in the fall of 2014. Far from finding the house promised by her husband, Fadila lived the basement of the family home in Saint-Raphaël-de-Bellechasse.

She attempted to flee, but was caught by her husband in the street.

Mario Despont and Fadila then moved into a home in Lévis, Québec. The plaintiff allegedly would stay home alone for many hours at a time while her husband was out. Their married life would be disrupted now and again by acts of violence, and the husband became very controlling, she said.

Fadila then gave birth to their second child in Lévis in the summer of 2015. It was during her stay at the hospital that the young woman met an aid agency and managed to escape her husband.

On September 1, Mario Despont was arrested and charged with assault and assault causing injury. He is also charged with two counts of assault with a weapon, because, on one occasion, he threw a perfume bottle toward his wife and, at another time, threatened her with a knife.

Mario Despont has already been convicted twice in the past for domestic violence. He received a sentence of four months in prison in 2007 and a sentence of 12 months of community service in 2010.

Judge Jean Asselin denied Despont bail during the proceedings.

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