Visitations back on in Quebec hospitals

Visitations back on in Quebec hospitals

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 December 2014 – For the past couple weeks local hospitals have discouraged friends and relatives from visiting patients in their institutions because of a flu bug which is very strong and widespread throughout the city.

The flu had invaded the city earlier this year causing a lot of elderly to be hospitalized and inadvertently causing the hospitals to close their doors to visitors for fear of spreading the virus even more.

A decision has been taken this week however to reopen the doors to visitors under controlled conditions to allow family and friends to visit those who will be spending their holidays in a hospital.

Even though the hospitals are overloaded and swarming with the flu virus, the directors at CHU, who control the five institutions in the city, feel it’s more important for the patients to have visitors during Christmas rather than have them spend the holidays alone in a hospital bed, which could cause them to become more depressed and lonelier.

Some of those patients are lined up in temporary beds along the corridors of the hospitals due to the overcrowding caused by the influx of the influenza virus.

Visitors are asked to wear masks in order to help diminish the risk of the virus spreading, and of course to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the buildings. If everyone cooperates, the propagation of the virus should be kept to a minimum and at the same time those restricted to their beds will be able to at least enjoy some company, albeit brief.

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