Volunteer week, April 6th to 12th

Volunteer week, April 6th to 12th

Do you volunteer? Would you like to volunteer? Do you know someone who volunteers? Whatever the answer to those questions, what’s really important is to know that volunteering can be very rewarding, and is usually recognized as a major bonus in the lives of the people volunteering and by those who are affected by the volunteers.

This week is National Volunteer Week, a time to appreciate the things that all those who help others, usually for free, do and accomplish without asking for anything back.

Volunteering is less popular in Quebec than in most provinces, so the FCABQ, (Féderation des Centres d’Action Bénévole du Québec), roughly translated as  Quebec Federation of Volunteer Offices, is holding open houses in its 111 action centres and installing information booths throughout the province to inform and recruit people who may want to dedicate their time to a cause in their daily lives, if they have some free time to spare.

It can be very rewarding for those people who like to help others, and it is also an excuse to get out of the house or apartment and feel like you have accomplished something during your day, even if it’s only one day a week. Volunteers can usually choose their own hours and times to offer their services.

You can visit the website, www.fcabq.org to find out about the needs and or requirements that are available in your neighbourhood. For English-speakers, www.veq.qc.ca offers other opportunities if you prefer to volunteer in English.

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