Volunteers Needed for Saguenay Winter Games

Volunteers Needed for Saguenay Winter Games

SAGUENAY –  Volunteer recruitment for the Quebec Saguenay 2013 Winter Games is in full swing.

The organizing committee are looking for 4,000 volunteers for the 48th final of the Games to be held from March 1st to 9th.

During the nomination, more than 2,200 people gave their name to become volunteers. They have all been contacted in recent weeks.

The Organizing Committee of the 48th Quebec Saguenay 2013 Winter Games (COFJQ) are hoping to reach 4,000 volunteers as soon as possible.

500 volunteers have already passed the verification stage. People who file for candidacy must sign a consent form for criminal background checks. The organization is looking for over 3,500 volunteers right now.

People with heart

Lucie Munger, volunteering for the Quebec Saguenay 2013 Winter Games, has fond memories of her involvement in the Alma Games.

The young hockey team captain of the Rebelles of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Sarah Levesque, ensures that the volunteer support during this sporting event will be greatly appreciated.

Poster campaign

A new poster campaign started last week. Ten young people between 7 and 17 years were selected for the headliners to represent the different scheduled disciplines.


The 2013 Saguenay Winter Games has a $5.6 million budget. However, it still lacks more than $600,000 to reach its goal. In the coming weeks, several fundraising activities will take place and the Games products effigy, and products such as chocolate and wine will also be available to purchase.
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