Voodoo doll causes panic at Quebec Tim Hortons

Voodoo doll causes panic at Quebec Tim Hortons

Quebec City (Quebec) 2 March 2015 – A suspicious package was delivered to the Tim Hortons on Côte du Palais in Old Quebec last Thursday causing the restaurant to be closed down while the city police department check out its contents.

When the package was opened there was a voodoo doll inside with some strange white powder leaking from its insides. Taking no chances, the restaurant called in the police to investigate the contents.

The police handled the matter very seriously and cordoned off the restaurant, brought in some chemical experts from the provincial police, and evacuated all the customers who were still inside. From 3:30 until 6pm the area was shut down while police did their job.

After some examination, the box and the doll were declared free of any dangerous substance and the restaurant was reopened for business around 6:30.

As to why the parcel was delivered to this specific establishment and what significance it suggests is under investigation.

Exactly who sent it and how it was delivered will also be investigated.

Police would like to know if there was any criminal intent or if it was simply a “bad joke” on behalf of an ex-employee or an upset customer.

Any pranks of this kind are taken seriously by authorities and police hope to find the instigator of this particular incident as soon as possible.

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