Voting is on to find a new leader for the Parti Québécois

Voting is on to find a new leader for the Parti Québécois

Main pic: Discours de Pierre Karl Péladeau à des militants péquistes de Pointe-aux-Trembles. Photo credit: Samounet 

Quebec City (Quebec) 13 May 2015 – The debates and comparisons between the candidates running for the leadership of the Parti Québécois are over and now it’s time for the 71,000 members to place their votes for their favorite personality. There are only three candidates left in the running, Martine Ouellet, Alexandre Cloutier and he, who appears to be the all time favorite, Pierre Karl Péladeau.

The members have three days to cast their votes either by telephone or internet. The votes will be tallied and an announcement will be made on Friday at 9pm at the Centre de Congrès de Quebec. If however one candidate does not receive more than 50% of the vote, a second round of voting will take place between the 20th and 22nd of May.

The Parti Québécois is experiencing the lowest membership in its history these days with only 71,000, but were expecting the number to rise during the present campaign. Unfortunately for the party, that increase has not happened, on the other hand however, it is still the party boasting the most number of members of any provincial political representation.

M. Péladeau has ties to his business ventures which have been a major topic of discussion, because normally a politician cannot hold shares or be associated with company holdings when serving in public office. So far M. Péladeau has categorically refused to shed those holdings. The governing Quebec Liberal Party has promised to publically and politically investigate the situation at the end of May if and when M. Péladeau becomes leader of the opposition.

M. Péladeau has been preaching for the Independence of Québec since the beginning of his political career which started only a short year ago, and has based his whole campaign on the theory that Québec needs to be a country in order to function properly.

The next provincial election will only be in three or four years from now, so M. Péladeau has lots of time to make or break his reputation as a leader, if indeed he is voted in as the new, chef du Parti.

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