Wazy Lounge Restaurant – A Review

Wazy Lounge Restaurant – A Review

A review by Isabelle Soucy

Enjoy an incredible culinary experience at a remarkably reasonable price.
Escape to the Orient, savour a whole new world and return home with splendid memories of delectable food and outstanding service.

Wazy Lounge offers eat-in and take-out options and is conveniently located in the downtown Ste-Foy area on Laurier boulevard, situated across from the Jules Dallaire Complex.

Food.  Consistently succulent—these are perhaps the most accurate combination of words to describe Wazy’s selection of appetisers, meals and desserts. Plates are bountiful and colourfully arranged. It seems that you can’t go wrong with any choice. The menu features a wide variety of meals inspired from flavours typical of Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, which Wazy makes their own by adding their personalized, trendy touch. Tastes are exquisite, fresh, healthy and outright memorable.

Service.  Expect to be greeted with a genuine smile as you walk in towards the front counter. There, you may decide to enjoy the dine-in experience in their stunning restaurant or select their take-out option to enjoy in the comfort of your home. I recommend trying the restaurant at least once, but be warned that you may not be able to stop after only one time once you enjoy the holistic experience – food, ambiance and service. Again, service is consistently of the utmost quality. The wait-staff are friendly, adaptable, skilled at recommending options from the menu (and selecting for you if you dare to let them surprise you), and at ensuring nothing is lacking to contribute to your overall, positive experience.

Ambiance.  The decor in itself is worth the detour. A giant Buddha smiles at you as you walk in, giant prints of a Japanese lady and  of a sumo wrestler each decorate different sections of the restaurant, authentic travel pictures are displayed on a TV screen,  and the entire decor offers you a cultural experience above and beyond the culinary experience you are about to have. A pleasant, non-smoking patio is also an option for those warm summer days, which is adorned by a pretty variety of plants, and red and white flowers.

Price. Appetisers range from $3.95 to $25.95 (for a taster’s platter). Main course meals range from $9.95 to $15.95. Desserts are an affordable $3.00 to $5.25. Wine ranges from $5.75 to $7.25 a glass, or from $21.00 to $37.00 (house wine selections also available). The quality and quantity of the meal definitely surpasses the monetary investment (you may even have leftovers out of your meal).

Subjective experience.  We had the fortuitous opportunity of discovering Wazy Lounge during their very first weeks of its existence as well as during their Grand opening celebration. From the moment we walked in, we were awed by the exotic yet contemporary decor and creative layout.  We had the chance to enjoy a taster’s platter which showcased a great variety (and quantity) of items included in the regular menu.  Simply put, we were impressed. This prompted us to return a few more times in the months that followed where we half expected the magic of the atmosphere, the first-class service or perhaps the quality of the food to have subdued after the excitement of the restaurant’s inauguration. Happily, we have been consistently welcomed by all the elements that impressed us in the first place. After several visits, we are still astounded by the way they seem to go above-and-beyond to satisfy their customers and personalize the service. They have succeeded in charming us—my husband and I definitely have a new favourite restaurant and I suggest all of you to give Wazy Lounge a chance to charm you the way it delights us.

If you go:

Do bring your parking stub from the underground parking lot as they will validate parking for you.

Do let them know if you are celebrating anything. They seem to enjoy adding the extra touch and making guests feel special.

Do try their General Tao if you are a General Tao fan. A safe bet, and tastier than many other General Tao recipes you may have tasted (you can have a small portion as an appetiser too!).

Do try different meals every time you go! You very well might discover tastes and combinations that will surprise and awe you (in a good way, of course)! 

Restaurant information:

Address:  2875, Boulevard Laurier, suite 110, Québec QC G1V 2M2

Phone number: (418) 933-3633

Website: www.Wazy.ca

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