Welcome to Life In Quebec

Welcome to Life In Quebec

Bonjour Québec,

As the publisher of LifeInQuebec.com I would like to wish you all a warm welcome to Quebec City’s English-language online magazine.

All of the team here hope that you can find the time to stop by now and again and contribute if you feel the need to do so.

We’ve launched the site as a result of (over the last 18 months) witnessing an increasing number of Anglophones move into the region. Having spoken to a wide cross-section of Quebec City’s Anglophone and Allophone community (newcomers and seasoned veterans) it was largely felt that an online magazine detailing (as the name suggests) life in Quebec, was needed.
We are well aware that media like this already exists in French and in that respect, the city’s Francophones are well catered for.

What was clearly apparent though, was a lack information, in English, about day-to-day life in this wonderful city we call home.

We found that people thinking of moving here, in the process of moving or who are already here, would like to initially conduct their daily life in English during the first few months of being in Quebec City and settling in.

While we encourage all Anglophone’s to learn French and integrate as soon as possible, the reality is that this takes time. Months and often years of painstaking hard work, dedication and motivation.

In the meantime, where can Anglophone’s find out about services available in English, what’s it like going to the bank, shopping and getting on with your daily life?

This is where LifeInQuebec.com comes in.

On this site you’ll find news and information about the whole city (and not just restricted to the Anglophone community), English and bilingual job openings, an English products and services directory, first-hand accounts of day-today life here and more.

Whether it’s using the job section, writing articles, commenting on posts, finding what you need in the products and services directory or taking part in competitions or events, I do hope that you’ll get involved with Life In Quebec and help make it the success the team behind it hope will be.

Warmest Regards,

Andrew Greenfield
Life In Quebec

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