Western Franchises before Québec for NHL

Western Franchises before Québec for NHL

Columbus (Ohio) 26 January 2015 – For those Nordiques fans who were still hoping to see a NHL team show up to play in their new arena, the news out of Columbus, Ohio this last weekend kind of closed the books on the dream, at least for the next few years.

Gary Bettman, the NHL’s head commissioner, made it quite clear in his speech to the media that for the moment, any expansion in the professional hockey league would be concentrated on adding two teams to the western conference, as there is an imbalance with the east. The two cities where a new team is possible are Las Vegas and Seattle, and both have the money in hand to buy or create a new franchise. He reiterated however that nothing was in the works for the time being and that any expansion was not going to happen tomorrow.

Without using the word “never” Mr. Bettman mentioned that the organization was not ignoring Quebec City but, at the present time they would be promoting the two western cities for any future franchise possibilities. He also stated that all the teams were financially sound and that no teams would be moving anywhere.

It costs about $72 million a year in salaries in Canada to support a NHL hockey team, a ceiling cost which has been established by the league itself.

It appears, at least for now, that Nordiques fans will have to support Montreal’s “le Canadien” if they want to support a team from their home province. The old Québec-Montréal rivalry will have to wait a bit longer before the applause and drums can come back out.

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