What to do with empty those empty wine bottles?

What to do with empty those empty wine bottles?

Quebec City (Quebec) 31 October 2014 – We all love our wine and we all agree that the bottles should be recycled in some way so as not to contribute to our weekly garbage bin, but is what we’re doing enough?

The question of what to do with those wine bottles has come up again for the new Environment Minister, David Heurtel.

Environmentalists would like to see a consignment program set up by the government so that the bottles could be taken back to the Société des Alcools (SAQ) for a refund, just like we do with our empty pop bottles.

The Minister is open to the idea but, like all suggestions or projects brought to the table, there always has to be some kind of study on the impact and complications involved of setting up such a program. T

he idea of consignment bottles was brought up two years ago by the Marois Government but, nothing got done on it.

For now, the SAQ refuses to introduce any kind of bottle return, consigned or not, so our only option for the moment is the blue recycle bin, which is at least something since the glass is all recycled for other purposes.

Consignment is a feasible program because in Canada, all the provinces except Quebec and Manitoba are doing it. The study has begun and should finish up around March of next year when a decision will be taken as to whether or not we get a refund and if so, who will handle it and how is it going to work.

In the meantime nothing will disrupt our consumption or recycling of the bottles, no matter what wine we prefer or in what fashion we choose to enjoy it. In other words the status-quo seems to be working.


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