What to do With That Broken Hockey Stick?

What to do With That Broken Hockey Stick?

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Two young entrepreneurs in Quebec, Nicholas Desharnais from Neufchatel and Jeffrey Labrie from Limoilou, have just launched a recovery program to recuperate broken hockey sticks in eight arenas in Quebec.

With the help of three companies in the region, they decided to do their part for the environment by recycling these expensive sports items to make light and durable snow brushes for the winter.

The sight of $100 and $300 sticks going straight in the trash can gave them the idea of finding another use to these objects. They looked for companies in Quebec City who would be willing to help them with their snow brush project and three of them were interested, Multi Brosse in Beauce for the brush, Polyalto from the industrial park des Rivieres for the plastic, and the writing from Lettrage NV from Saint-Malo.

Both aged 23, they also decided to support a humanitarian cause by donating a portion of their profits to the Montreal Canadiens Foundation for sick children. For the moment, the snow brush and mild base resistant carbon fibre are available at a cost of $15.

Other products should be added within a year.

Already present in eight arenas in the region

Arrangements have been made with Quebec City to provide the young company with yellow plastic bins to retrieve broken sticks in seven of arenas, Gilles Tremblay and Marcel-Bédard at Beauport, Charlesbourg Arpidrome , Bardy Limoilou, Michel Labadie Neufchatel, 2 rinks in Val-Bélair, as well as that the one in Loretteville. The sports center Acti-Vital in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is also part of the recovery program.

The two young entrepreneurs will tour these arenas every week to pick up the broken sticks and take them to their warehouse in Limoilou before sending them to their subcontractors. Since the launch of their business, over thirty sticks have been recovered and recycled.

Their goal is to partner with The Junior Major Quebec Hockey League. Steps have already been taken with the Remparts.

For more information you can reach Nicholas Desharnais at 418 932-9397 and Jeffrey Labrie at 418 262-4512.
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