What to do with the land around the zoo

What to do with the land around the zoo

Main Pic – Quebec Ice Hotel Chapel. Photo credit: Jean Gagnon

Quebec City, (Quebec) 6 October 2014 – The Quebec zoo, which was closed in 2006 for future land development projects, has put the surrounding land up for sale and so far there are seven projects being studied as to what would be the best offer.

The land is owned by the Société des établisments de plein air du Québec (SEPAQ), or (Quebec Parks and Recreation Society) and tenders went out with a deadline of October 4th at noon as the final submission admissibility. There were 27 inquiries at the beginning of the tender process but only 7 companies submitted valid projects by the established deadline.

One of the bidders on the land is Hôtel de Glace, who at one time had the Ice Hotel built on the land itself when the project first started.

What exactly will be done or built on the land is not known as of yet, but when the zoo closed in 2006 there was a huge reaction from the public as to why it was closing and what would be done with the animals and grounds.

The public was upset that the land would probably be used to develop housing projects etc.

The SEPAQ wants the land to be used as a recreational tourist attraction keeping in mind to protect the surrounding ecological and natural setting which has been a part of the city’s landscape for more than 40 years.

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