What’s in a Quebec name?

What’s in a Quebec name?

A name is for life, whether it is for better or worse.

In Quebec in 2012, Emma stole Léa’s spotlight at the head of the list of most popular names.

For the boys, William is still a winner.

What is the trend for our loyal four legged friends?

 Dr Michel Pepin explains: Apparently, dogs can only remember the last two syllables of their names, even though they have a relatively developed vocabulary. So, it would be useless to give a dog a long name.

The veterinarian is also the author of Nom d’un Chien, released a few years ago, for which he compiled the most popular dog names of the moment from a veterinarian database containing the information of more than 210,000 pets.

At the top of the list in 2007, the most common name was Daisy, which dethroned Princess in (now in) 10th position.

Second place was accorded to Max followed closely by Maya, Maggie, and Molly.

Just like humans, the popularity of names is directly influenced by television and cinema. Bella (name of the character in Twilight) was, last February in Quebec, just like in the United States, at the top of the list of dog names. A statistic collected by doctor Michel Pepin during a competition for the international day of animal sterilization.

Human names have been very common (Charlie, Lucie, Chloe…etc) throughout the years.

A normal phenomenon if we consider that the dog is being included more and more as a family member.

Just be careful when choosing the name not to frustrate anyone around you.

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