When One Becomes Two on Grande Allée Ouest

When One Becomes Two on Grande Allée Ouest

Even prestigious residential areas are not immune to building work.

The owner of 1010, Grande Allée West, former residence of the Lieutenant Governor, wants to build two houses on his front lawn.

The project has not yet been officially filed, but Quebec City is aware.

A first step could also be reached on November 12. A minor variance request must be heard in the Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge sector, after a first failed attempt in October. This application is for moving the driveway to the main building, which is no longer on the side, as required by the regulations, but in front.

This would clear the space and build two homes overlooking Grande Allée. Zoning restrictions for apartment and condominium buildings impose a maximum of 12 metres or three storeys high, in the area.

The current residence, which has belonged to businessman Ghyslain Rivard for the past ten years, is located on a plot of 5,588 square metres (60,000 square feet) that can be easily divided.

The luxurious building was built at the end of the field in 2003, after the demolition of the old house of the Lieutenant Governor. It is surrounded by a triple garage, a pool, and a huge flowerbed.

$ 3.3 Million Value

The property has been for sale for years and was for a long time the most expensive on the market. On the Sotheby’s site, where it is still announced, the starting price is set at $4 million. The municipal assessment establishes its value at $3.3 million. For the curious, it gives a tax account of approximately $ 30,000 per year. 

The current (proposed) filing is is actually a notice of intention to amend the regulation to create a new zone including 1010, Grande Allée West and its neighbour 1050, which is almost as big.

On these two grounds, the front margin would be increased to 25 meters minimum and minimum lot area 4,500 square metres.

This procedure prevents any regulatory development for 150 days. The deadline is set for December 6.

Public Consultation

In the meantime, a public consultation with the citizens will be made. If they disagree, the district will move forward with the change, ending the owner’s aspirations.

To avoid confusion, the municipal councillor considers the possibility to withdraw the application for a minor variance from the November 12 agenda.  

The Council of Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge, President Christiane Trudel is not overflowing with enthusiasm at the possibility of building on one of the most beautiful yards in Quebec. She considers that the current regulation does not ensure compliance with the “spirit” of the place.

Ms. Trudel considers it necessary to wait for the characterization study of chemin Saint-Louis and Grande Allée. The report, which will point out strengths and weaknesses of the sector, has not yet been announced, but should be soon.

Quebec Arbres and the Quebec Heritage Coalition also reacted in the last council meeting. For many years this main road has suffered from environmental deterioration, inacceptable architecture and landscape must be stopped if Quebec City and the Province do not want to lose its unique historical treasure.

It is the most prestigious avenue in Canada. If houses are built, landscape and trees are lost.

Conservation plans exist to ensure the protection of such sites.
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