Where is alcohol consumption highest in Quebec?

Where is alcohol consumption highest in Quebec?

Sept-Îles (Quebec) 26 August 2015 – In this year’s survey conducted by Educ’alcool, (Quebec’s alcohol consumption board) it has been discovered that the region that downs the most ounces of alcohol during one week is the northern coast population. This revelation is surprising because for the last twenty years the area around Lac St. Jean has held the record for the same recognition.

The survey is based on the number of glasses of an alcoholic beverage consumed by an individual in one sitting. The norm is three glasses for a woman and four glasses for a man. In the latest tally, 81% of Nords-Côtiers (North Coasters) claim to have enjoyed more than the normal amount of alcohol in one sitting than the average Quebecois at 72%.

The Quebec north coast, which includes the area from Port Cartier to Blanc Sablon has a very low DUI record however, only 3% as compared to the provincial average of 6%. Most of the alcohol consummation takes place in private homes and the residents of the area are very aware of the consequences of driving under the influence.

When surveyed, most respondents said the government was not strict enough when it comes to enforcing DUI. Forty percent claimed that the .08 limit is not enough as compared to the rest of Quebec at 28%.

Surprisingly enough, in general, Quebecers drink more moderately than the rest of the country and Montreal is where the least amount of alcohol per capita is consumed.

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