Will Ecolobuses stay on Quebec’s roads?

Will Ecolobuses stay on Quebec’s roads?

Ecolobus-QuebecThe Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) is studying the possibility of keeping the Ecolobuses on the roads beyond 2015-2016.

The lifespan of the mini electric buses, which have travelled the streets of Old-Quebec since 2008, were always evaluated as half of the regular buses, therefore, 8 years instead of 16. To maximize the return on this investment, RTC ordered a study about the life expectancy of Ecolobuses.

They perform well at the moment. It is a quality service as great as the regular service.

It wasn’t always like this: minibuses made in Italy had great battery problems in 2011. Even after the return on the roads in June, many minor defects were reported.

People love the service. The problem is that the small vehicles are overloaded. Approximately 850 people get on Ecolobuses daily, more than 300,000 per year.

In the last report, RTC planned to buy 8 electric vehicles in 2015. The mayor, Regis Labeaume warned that Quebec City would not buy the same product. Many times, he qualified the purchase of the eight Ecolobuses as a mistake which cost $400,000 each.

If it is proven that the minibuses can exceed the theoretical usage, the RTC will keep them on the roads as long as it is affordable. The engineers’ analysis will be ready next year.

It is also possible that the minibuses will be available in other sectors such as Cartier Street and in Saint-Roch.
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