Will the proudest Canadian riding be in Québec?

Will the proudest Canadian riding be in Québec?

Jacques Gourde, the Federal MP for the riding of Lotbinière-Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, just south of Quebec City is sticking his neck out this year and participating in the federal program “Proud to be Canadian” (Fier d’être Canadien) which takes place in all other provinces around this time of year, just before the  Canada Day celebrations.

It’s the first time that any Québec district has taken part in the activity and M. Gourde not only wants his constituents to participate, he wants his region to win the coveted, Most Patriotic Canadians, title. He has undertaken the task of mailing out to every one of his electorates, a pamphlet which includes a page to colour for the kids, the words to O’ Canada, a coupon to return to his office and a two sided Canadian flag which he hopes people will put in their windows to show their National pride.

If enough people co-operate he’s sure his constituency will take the prize. M. Gourde is very proud to be Canadian and he believes there are enough people in his riding who think like him and who are willing to show it, which is why he is so confident.

He mailed out 40,000 copies of the pamphlet at a cost of only $5,000 total, which he considers a bargain, and it’s all perfectly legal.

He is also organizing, for the first time, a Canada Day celebration event in the village of St. Agapit, which is a vital agricultural centre for the province. He received a $5,000 subsidy to carry out the affair and it appears everyone is on board to make it a success. He’s hoping the energy spent will help his area feel positive about the upcoming 150 years of Confederation, which will be celebrated in 2017.

Bonne chance M. Gourde; sounds like fun and Bonne fête du Canada.

Enjoy the fireworks.
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