Will the YMCA build on the old Cinema Charest site?

Will the YMCA build on the old Cinema Charest site?

Quebec City (Quebec) 23 June 2015 – Now that the Charest cinemas are gone and the land they were on is flattened out and groomed, there comes the question of who is going to take over the now vacant real estate.

Since the Quebec YMCA closed its doors many years ago, they would like to reopen and offer their services to new clientele. The site of the old cinemas would be the ideal spot according to the development manager, Daniel Tierney who says the “Y” is ready to start construction at the flick of a switch if the city and the finances can agree to come together and give them the green light.

M. Tierney says the decision is with the city, but that the money is the key to getting the project underway.

The city seems to be on board, but there would have to be support from the provincial and federal levels in order to get things underway. The centre would cost around $15 to $17 million to build and would include a gymnasium, a pool, and a workout room. The location would be ideal because of the numerous apartment dwellings in the area.

There was talk of the “Y” rebuilding in Victoria Park or along the banks of the St. Charles River but both sites were eliminated because of other commitments.

If the money comes across and the city gives the nod, M. Tierney says the construction would only take about 14 to 16 months.

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