Woman dies fleeing former abuser

Woman dies fleeing former abuser

Quebec City (Quebec) 19 October, 2014 – A young woman dies while fleeing her former abuser and he comes out with no consequences.

The violent ex-spouse who is responsible for the tragic death of a young woman in the Laurentians will come out without any trouble that denounces the family of the victim.

“Women are not protected in our society. It is because of him that she is dead and he has no consequence, “protested Stephanie Lauzon, Marilyn Lauzon’s sister, who died in a serious car accident June 10, 2010, after seeing her violent ex-partner.

The young 30 year old woman decided to file a domestic violence complaint against her ex-husband, Eric Champagne, in April of the same year.
The latter had firmly hit Lauzon one January evening, jealous that she spent the evening with friends.

“He pulled her by her hair before banging her against the car and hit her face in the hard snow. She was disfigured, “recalls her mother Ginette Lauzon.

After this episode of violence, Eric Champagne had continued to harass Marilyn hiding in the trees at her mother’s house to surprise her, even if the couple had separated.

A court order was eventually issued after the filing of the complaint; Marilyn prevented the man from contacting her.

This crucial condition had not been met on the day of her death, where Eric Champagne had managed to manipulate a friend of Marilyn’s to find out exactly where she was.

“He knew she was there. It was a voluntary act of breaking the conditions of the court order, “says her sister.

Eric Champagne showed up at the table of Marilyn Lauzon at La Cage aux Sports in Saint-Sauveur. Panicked to see her violent ex-partner, she tried to run to her car.

The man allegedly grabbed her in the parking lot injuring her. The young woman had managed to free herself before hitting the road.
“She called home while she was driving. She was hysterical. She cried, she screamed that she was trapped. I told her to calm down and come to our mother’s where I was going to wait for her”,  recalls Stephanie.

Marilyn never arrived at her mother’s house. On Highway 15 near exit 55, she lost control of her car. She rolled over several times before getting hit by a car coming in the opposite direction.

Eric Champagne should have stood trial for domestic violence and violation of conditions Thursday at the courthouse in St-Jerome. The charges were dropped because it was not possible to obtain the testimony of Marilyn Lauzon, essential to the evidence.

Only a ban on contact with the family of Marilyn Lauzon was imposed.

“My sister is gone and he will have no consequences for his actions. We got trapped by the system and he is free to roam” says Ginette Lauzon.
“The justice system has stolen my daughter’s life. I cannot believe that as a society we can tolerate this. ”

Ginette Lauzon is unable to swallow the fact that the man who is largely responsible for the death of her daughter can continue his life without any consequences.

She considers that the judicial system does not adequately protect women victims of violence.

“There were conditions that had been imposed. He has not met them and nothing will happen to him. ”This is insane”, she says.
She also deplored the slowness of the judicial system that prevented them from obtaining justice.

“Marilyn died before the trial began and as it is no longer there, there is more evidence. This is a completely flawed operation”, she believes.
“It’s so difficult to make a complaint, to follow all legal steps. If in the end we have no protection and we do not have justice, what is the point to denounce such things? “Says the victim’s sister, Stephanie Lauzon.

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