Women entering politics in Quebec stagnated

Women entering politics in Quebec stagnated

Main pic: Directeur général des élections du Québec (DGEQ) headquarter in Quebec City, Quebec. Photo credit: Chicoutimi

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 October, 2014 – The number of women presenting themselves to run for public office in the province has remained stationary since 2003.

There was a significant increase from 1976 until 2003 but since then the numbers have remained pretty much the same.

The Directeur Général des Elections (DGE) published a study last week which they hope will change the tendency and bring more women into the field of politics. They have drawn up some incentives and facts which will hopefully attract more women to the cause.

The director is also reaching out to all political parties to try and persuade women to get involved. Quite often there are women who could win a riding but, because they don’t apply to run, a male candidate will jump in headfirst leaving no one else to compete against.

The DGE would also like the education system, probably at the high school level, to start encouraging girls to venture into politics as a career choice.

The idea is not to favour women but, to at least create a balance between the two sexes so that women may have more input in the political decisions.

Historically, men have always been a majority in the election process but, with today’s interaction between males and females, the difference has become minimal, which is why the DGE would like to see more women take a leading role in the laws of the land.

Or could it be that women are just smarter and realise that politics is not the best place to try and change the world.

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