Women’s Resources Centre in Action Against Violence Towards Women

Women’s Resources Centre in Action Against Violence Towards Women

The Women’s Resource Centre in Beauport is again holding several activities to mark the National Day of Remembrance and Action against Violence Towards Women.

The organization first sends out an invitation to women in the region to attend the play “Coup de Fourdre” from the Parminou Troop, which will be presented on Wednesday, December 5 at pm at Horizon Centre, 801, 4th street, Limoilou.

Admission is free and the performance will be followed by dessert.

Those interested should register by contacting 418 661-3535.

This play deals with the reality of domestic violence in that too many women still live in fear and are deprived of their rights in their own homes.

Exchanges that follow will be directed towards possible solutions.

Sex Education Classes

Active since 2009, this committee is partnering for the second year with other groups of women in the region for the 12 activism days against domestic violence.

The Quebec Government will also put in place specific sexual education classes in perspective of egalitarianism, non-sexist, and non-heterosexist, and taking into account community organizations working toward the same goals.

Another initiative to say “No!” to women violence is to wear a white bow and to light a candle in their window on December 6 at 6pm.

Bows and candles will be available during the activities starting on November 24.
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