Wonder Where Party Leaders Vacation?

Wonder Where Party Leaders Vacation?

Quebec City (Quebec) August 8, 2014 – Just in case you were wondering how or where your favorite political leader spends his or her vacation, here’s a short outline of what they did this summer.

The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party (in power), M. Philippe Couillard, spent his precious summer recess mostly fishing up and around his own riding which also happens to be where his family is. M. Couillard enjoys fishing, his favorite hobby. He also took a little jaunt around the lower St. Lawrence region for some sightseeing. His vacation will be cut short however, compared to his counterparts, as he has a convention of the Young Liberals to attend this very weekend.

The interim leader of the Parti Québecois, Stéphane Bédard, passed most of his vacation time up the North Coast including Tadoussac, and Québec City. He will spend a few days in Montréal and then take off for Chicago before coming back for the fall session of parliament.

M. François Legault, head of the Coalition d’avenir du Québec (CAQ), for his part took off for Hawaii with his family and hasn’t been heard from since.

All we know about the leader of the Québec Solidaire Party, Francoise David, is that her office is closed from July 14th until the 13th of August according to her Bureau’s answering machine.

The Parliament will start sitting again in two weeks on the 21st of August, when everyone should be back on the job.

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