Workers warned to take it easy during Quebec heatwave

Workers warned to take it easy during Quebec heatwave

Quebec City (Quebec) 14 July 2015 – With a heat wave hitting the province these past few days, Quebec’s Workers Compensation Board (CSST) has sent out an advisory warning to all employees who work outdoors to be careful not to overwork or to overdo strenuous work when the temperature and humidity are high.

For the last few days and for the next couple of weeks temperatures are going to hover around the 28-30 degrees centigrade mark which can cause people working outside to suffer from extreme fatigue, nausea, and even heart attacks, if certain precautions aren’t followed.

The workers most at risk are those who work on construction, farming, landscaping and in the forestry industry. Results from overexertion can cause dizziness, blackouts (fainting) and a loss of coherence which on a construction site can be fatal.

The CSST is asking employers to be lenient and allow their employees to take breaks more often and to supply drinking water to keep their body temperatures at a reasonable level.

If at all possible the CSST recommends that employees be offered an air conditioned area where they can take a break and get relief from the heat.

Between 2010 and 2014, an average of 22 workers a year suffered from some kind of heat related accident.

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