Workshop to Invite Students to Eat Healthy

Workshop to Invite Students to Eat Healthy

With a love of life and a grand interest in healthy eating, Marie Le Bouthillier had the idea to create a small business, Tripe ta Bouffe, to provide young people nutrition basics as well as tips for sports nutrition.

These two interactive workshops on healthy eating have been offered to high school students in the Quebec City region since the beginning of the school year.

“There are more home economics courses given in schools, where students are taught the principles of a regular diet. A healthy diet is important for young people, especially with the abundance of “fast food” in schools. The tools we offer are to implement government health policies for schools that are already having difficulty applying the basic principles,” she explains.

The founder of Tripe ta Bouffe quickly saw interest in these workshops receiving emails from secondary schools to her test email address that she used to generate interest. “At the moment, a presentation has been created and twenty schools are interested,” said the student from Sainte-Foy that recently moved to Montreal to start studies in nutrition.

The sting of entrepreneur

Marie Le Bouthillier took was stung by the entrepreneurial bee after completing a management and entrepreneurship program at University Laval. The 20 year old businesswoman started her business with her own personal funds. Her team includes a nutritionist responsible for the content, Sarah Drouin, four students in nutrition at Laval University, as well as an accountant and a spokesperson .

“With Tripe ta Bouffe, we want young people to understand the impact of healthy nutrition in their lives to make it fun in hopes that they eat well. I would like to add a course on eating disorders as well, it is hopefully coming soon,” she says.
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