World Press Photo Exhibition in Quebec City

World Press Photo Exhibition in Quebec City

Quebec City (Quebec) World Press Photo 2014 exhibit in Town until 24th August.

An exhibit of the world’s best press photos is in town and on display at L’Espace 400′ down by the public market. The exhibit includes photographs from 45 different countries which were taken by different journalist-photographers, recording all sorts of world events, good or bad, throughout the world.

The images, which were not necessarily published in newspapers or seen on media outlets, are the photographers’ finest works and are quite spectacular in nature and quality. There are photographs from natural events, sporting events, wars and natural disasters never before seen. There is even some works from our local photographers who managed to catch some local events in spectacular ways.

The exhibit is on at the Bell, Espace 400, building until August 24th at a cost $15 a head or $12 if you still have your FEQ pass that you can show them at the ticket office.

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