Would Wales and Quebec make a great team?

Would Wales and Quebec make a great team?

London, (England) 19 January 2015 – Quebec’s Premier Couillard is visiting the United Kingdom these days to try and drum up relations and some business possibilities if and where there are some but, he has a special eye on Wales which could contribute to Quebec’s image by implanting a commercial office in the province.

It all stems from Wales, a country within the United Kingdom, which is looking to establish a business office in Canada.

M. Couillard would like to see that office installed in Montreal instead of Toronto, which is also on the hunt to welcome the Welsh to Canada.

Couillard put all his cards on the table to introduce Quebec to Wales and try and convince the powers that be that Montreal would be the better choice for the future of commercialisation between the two jurisdictions.

Quebec did $4.77 billion worth of trade in 2013 with the United Kingdom which according to M. Couillard is significant and is certainly an important number when talking trade.

Wales and Quebec have some similarities which would make the move to Montreal perhaps a more familiar one than to move to Ontario, although Ontario certainly has its own persuasive arguments.

Quebec and Wales both consider themselves nations onto themselves (Wales actually is a country), both legislative bodies are called National Assemblies and both governments have two languages.

All government documents in Wales are printed in English and Welsh (a Gaelic derivative) where Quebec uses French and English for all its legal papers.

It will be interesting to see if Wales chooses Montreal over Toronto when it comes down to the nitty- gritty of actually establishing that office, but M. Couillard has all the confidence in the world that the choice will be his province.

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