You may have noticed…

You may have noticed…

The world of publishing is changing, with an increasing number of magazines and newspapers going to the wall and mountains of quality content available online for free. We’d love Life in Québec Magazine to remain free of charge and our online content here at to remain so too.

Andrew Greenfield – Publisher & Life in Québec Magazine

Andrew Greenfield – Publisher & Life in Québec Magazine

We have a dedicated team of writers, editorial staff, and a behind-the-scenes IT team working throughout the week to ensure we deliver quality news and information resources.

All of our team members love what they do, but they can’t and, more importantly won’t, work for free. And it’s unfair of us to expect them to.

Sadly, nothing in life is free.

Imagine going to your favourite restaurant in Quebec and not having to pay for what you just ate and drank. Implausible isn’t it. It’s just not going to happen.

But wait a minute, what if the waiter gave you your meal for free in exchange for a few seconds of your time and a couple of answers to a couple of questions?

You’d snap their hands off, wouldn’t you. I know I would.

The questions asked might not mean much to you, but they do to others – that’s why they’re being asked.

Quebec’s fabulous restaurants don’t give away the food they serve, Quebec’s retail outlets don’t give away clothing, Quebec’s attorneys don’t offer free legal services (wouldn’t that be something), and Quebec’s bars don’t give away free beer. It simply doesn’t happen.

Everyone has bills to pay – including us.

Our writers, editorial staff, designers, and providers of web hosting services, to name but a few, need to be compensated for the excellent work they all do on our behalf.

Our advertising revenue and magazine subscription money only goes so far. We’re very grateful for your support, and long may it continue.
We’d like to expand what we do and hire more writers, and in turn offer you better products.

This is why we’ve partnered up with Google Consumer Surveys, a market-research service that would like you to answer a couple of questions now and again. Every time you do, we receive a small fee. There are no more than two survey questions in a 24-hour period on – provided you’re visiting the site from the same browser on the same device (laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone etc.)
Alternatively, if you don’t want to answer any of the survey questions (your answers are anonymous and none of your personal data is collected) – you can always share or like the article via social media (Twitter / Facebook).

We know that this is perhaps not what you’d prefer to be doing with your time, but for the occasional 10 seconds or so, you’ll be helping us grow, and in turn allow us to employ more people across Quebec province.

You have my word that, as long as I am the publisher of and Life in Québec Magazine, we’ll never install a paywall on any of our sites. We want you to read and enjoy our content – whenever and wherever you like without an intrusive paywall stopping you doing just that.

We know we aren’t alone. Google also has or has had survey partnerships with many other news and media outlets across the globe.

We’re free because we have a strong, respected magazine and website, in a receptive environment.

We’d like to remain free, and despite the less than positive outlook for the future of the print business, buck the trend and hire more staff.

We can do this by partnering with organizations like Google.

Your feedback is always appreciated, and we hope you’ll agree that a few seconds of your day more than makes up for paying for quality news articles, features, information, and content on

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Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield moved to Quebec in 2009. He is part of the team responsible for the publishing company behind and Life in Québec Magazine. He has been involved with online and print media since 2001. He is passionate about cricket, is a qualified coach, and his real ambition is to start a cricket team in Quebec City – something he freely admits is probably beyond him. Follow him on Twitter @GreenfieldAndy

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