Young pilot hit by turning propeller blade at Quebec airport

Young pilot hit by turning propeller blade at Quebec airport

Quebec City (Quebec) 21 September 2015 – An accident that is never supposed to happen has shocked the personnel of the Orizon Aviation Company and pretty much everyone at the Jean Lesage Airport.

A young pilot who had 150 hours of training and held a pilot’s licence for private flying, for some reason, disembarked from a Cessna 152 while the propeller was still turning and instead of going to the back of the airplane, as the rules state, walked directly towards the front of the plane. The young man is in hospital with critical head wounds and may have lost part of his left hand.

One of the first things any student taking pilot lessons learns is to avoid approaching propellers or even walking towards the front of an airplane as long as the engine is still running. Normally no one is to disembark from an airplane until the blades of the propellers have come to a complete stop. If one needs to exit an aircraft before the engine stops, in an emergency, it is imperative that the individual go to the back of the aircraft.

Why this particular person disembarked before the blades stopped and why he went to the front of the aircraft instead of the back is a mystery for all concerned.

An inquiry has been initiated by Transport Canada and the Quebec City Police Department (SPVQ).

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