Young pyromaniac arrested in Quebec

Young pyromaniac arrested in Quebec

Quebec City (Quebec) 24 July 2015 – A 15-year old teenager has been arrested by Quebec Cit’s police department (SPVQ) for setting at least seven different fires in and around the Charlesbourg/Loretteville area of the region.

The fires took place between October 2014 and May of this year. It has been calculated that the damage caused by the purposely lit fires amounts to about $700,000 and although most of the fires were set in garbage bins or recycling bins several others caused serious collateral damage.

The most prominent blaze was on the night of February 6 when an apartment building was set ablaze by the young individual causing the structure to be a complete write-off. The danger in that particular incident was of course the possibility of losing some human lives which fortunately didn’t happen.

There were several witnesses, including a photographer from Le Soleil newspaper, who were able to penetrate the building and evacuate the premises before anyone could get hurt. He had also set fire to a car at one point.

The young boy (name withheld because of his age) has been charged with, criminal negligence putting human life in danger and pyromania.

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