Yuzu Resto Club Review, Quebec City

Yuzu Resto Club Review, Quebec City
Yuzu Resto+Club, Quebec City – a review by Sarah Williams 

One of the exciting aspects of visiting the revamped St-Roch neighbourhood, (or “Nouvo St-Roch” as it has been dubbed), is that you are never quite sure what wild spectacle you might witness.  Like this past Saturday, it may have appeared like you wandered into the red-light district if you noticed a lingerie clad woman posing in a window.  What you actually stumbled upon was the final event in the five night-long Nippon festival, organized by Resto-Club Yuzu.   This was the second edition of the festival, inspired by all things Japanese. Each installment has had a different theme; this year saw a nod to the sensuality of the geisha. 

The Nippon festival kicked off with a five course meal and cocktail benefit for muscular dystrophy and it culminated with a packed house at the “Soirée Geisha Playboy” on Friday.  DJ Heather Van Viper, a former Playboy pinup, was the star of the evening, backed by dancers from Quebec City’s own Studio Party Time.  Yuzu’s spokesperson, Jonathan Bolduc, says that the Nippon festival is the restaurant’s way to try and make people see it as offering more than just sushi, “We want our clients to enjoy a unique and original experience”.

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It’s not only events such as these which are changing Yuzu’s label from that of a simple sushi restaurant to more of a supper club.  The menu has also had a hand in matters.  The dishes are divided into three sections:  amuse-bouches (which are nicknamed “Les Zamuses”), entrées, and the main course.  This encourages Yuzu’s patrons to take their time and savour their food, drawing out the enjoyment of their evening by turning every visit into a three course meal; four courses if you have any room left for dessert.

The first Yuzu opened in Quebec City 10 years ago, and over time it gained a reputation for the quality of its sushi, often touted as the best in the city.  However, a recent award for best General Tao Chicken in Quebec City has hinted that Yuzu has broadened its horizons.  At the resto-club on Rue du Parvis, the menu is quite unexpected.  With Japanese delicacies such as Kobe beef, and Butterfish, dining at Yuzu is like embarking on a gastronomic voyage to the orient.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Williams

During a recent visit I put the sushi menu away, and decided to give some of the other specialties a try.  Of the so-called “Zamuses”, I chose the Morimoto Oysters: two oysters served in a half shell with a slice of pan-seared foie gras, bathed in a teriyaki sauce, sprinkled with sea salt, and topped with dollop of hoisin foam.  I tasted the foie-gras first, the seared surface creating a delicious crust; then followed the oyster, and I found the saltiness of the sauce blended well with the fresh seafood flavour.   

For the entrée I went for the rare and exotic with the dish called Le tataki nuovo.  This features the aforementioned Butterfish, served just slightly warmed on a plate drizzled with shiso oil and soya sauce, and topped with some kumquat shavings and tatsoi (an Asian microgreen). The Butterfish deserves its name for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and its buttery flavour. There are several other interesting flavour elements within this dish: mint from the shiso oil, citrus due to the kumquat, and a tangy flavour from the tatsoi. I recommend that you try to include the tatsoi with every bite of the fish you take, you won’t regret it. 

Photo courtesy of Sarah Williams

Last but not least, for the main course I chose the duck breast fillets with a balsamic teriyaki sauce.  If you order this dish, be prepared to overindulge in richness.  Every element on the plate had its own distinct and powerful quality. It was more of a buffet of flavour sensations than a single dish. As well as the duck fillets, there was duck confit, shitake mushrooms, pecans, butternut squash purée, and as an added bonus, another portion of seared foie-gras.   The nutty flavour of the pecans complemented the meatiness of the duck, and I enjoyed all the other elements on their own merits.  

Clearly Yuzu is attempting to provide a dining experience that mirrors the decadent, opulent and even sensual side of Japanese cuisine; so if you are looking for an evening of culinary indulgence, Yuzu may well satisfy your craving.
Where is Yuzu Resto+Club?

438, rue du Parvis
Québec (Québec)  G1K 6H8
Website www.yuzu.ca/fr/index.php


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